Linn Sondek LP12 Ebony Plinth

Linn Sondek LP12 Ebony Plinth

Our love and respect for the Linn Sondek turntable is no secret. We owned Linn Sondeks for many years and during that time we not only kept them in top condition but actively searched for ways to improve them. We tried all after-market upgrades we could lay our hands on and, as good as they were, we felt they all had room for improvement. Eventually we were left with no option but to develop our own ultimate upgrade: The Linn Sondek Ebony Plinth.

Our goal was to keep the sonic virtues of the original Linn untouched while imbuing it with a more contemporary sonic balance along with a heretofore unattainable quietness.

We meticulously auditioned a very large variety of exotic woods selecting only those with the finest sonic properties, namely a proprietary combination of Ebony and Indian Palissandre. We tested many bonding methods and glues, as well as different bracing configurations. We spared no effort and left no detail to chance. Even the finishing of the hand-made product is unusual: we employ no veneers or varnishes but instead we follow a special, labor-intensive manual oil impregnation method that preserves the exceptional sonic qualities of the special woods used and enhances their inherent beauty. Not satisfied with Linn’s own plinth design, we added a solid bottom plate also made of the same exotic woods that acts as a brace of unparalleled effectiveness. Specially selected soft-iron cone feet are pressed – not screwed – into the plinth to ensure optimum vibration dissipation. Needless to say, the bottom plate allows suspension calibration without the need to remove it.

Of course, the plinth would be incomplete without its matching armboard, the most important piece of the arm seating, which is also made of Indian Palissandre. The Linn brand name is laser-engraved on the armboard, adding the final touch to this elegant product.

Once you experience what the Linn Sondek LP12 Ebony Plinth can do, we are confident you will understand why we take such pride in this exceptional product.

In the photo above, the plinth is shown sitting on top of a 140mm Chameleon Shelf, which can be used either stand-alone or as part of the modular Chameleon Rack.

An also hand-made and laser-engraved Indian Pallisandre Armboard complements the Plinth.

Usually dispatched within three weeks from the order confirmation.

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